Jack and Jill Jazz

Few voice/guitar duos in jazz history are on the level of Jack Grassel and Jill Jensen. Jack and Jill give a no-holds-barred performance. Onstage the couple displays both their impressive improvising abilities and telepathic interplay. The music is honest, aggressive and filled with creative surprises.

Virtuoso Jack has refined his abilities to play melody, harmony and bass lines simultaneously. Jill sounds consistently beautiful while gliding through tricky melodies and complex chord changes with ease. The result is a very big sound from two people.

The guitarist and singer are a musical love story. They discovered their magical chemistry in 1999, married and since 2005, work extensively as the duo Jack and Jill Jazz. (by Scott Yanow, author of ten jazz books)

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"Edith and the Kingpin" - Jack and Jill Jazz